Dolci Promesse

The bride’s dessert

The faldacchea - Dolci Promesse

Faldacchea is a small almond pastry, pionereed in Turi, in the South Eastern area of Bari, later became famous all over the world. Born in 1700 in a nunnery, this sweet experimentation has its roots in "noble birth and blessed intent". Faldacchea can be compared to a coffer: it contains, in fact, a heart of sponge cake covered with a layer of almond paste, enclosed in a chocolate glaze. Unlike conventional almond pastries it requires a completely different preparation process. Faldacchea is moist and soft and not dry like most common almond sweets in Italy.

This is due to the fact that it is baked on fire and not in the oven, an element that gives the dough an unparalleled creaminess. Traditionally, the faldacchea was covered with a white icing of sugar, now replaced by a more delicate and tasty chocolate coating. Over time, Faldacchea has acquired the definition of "bride’s dessert" traditionally is donated as a wedding gift, a sweet thought with which the couples honour guests at their wedding ceremony. Beside the classic amarena filling, Dolci Promesse has added a rich variety of alternative modern and actual tastes, in a constant search for perfection and absolute beauty.