Dolci Promesse


The party gift that you can customise
The party gift that you can customise - Dolci Promesse

Sweet promise of eternal love, simple wish for a serene life, symbol of purity, delicious reminder of a happy event. The faldacchea it is the sweet that gives every occasion the true meaning thanks to it’s versatile and its astonishing effect. The extreme personalization in shape, color and decoration is enhanced by the packaging that can be tailored according to the occasion: a marriage, a First Holy Communion, a Baptism or a Confirmation.

Product’s quantity, colors, design, craftsmanship combine to create a unique and exceptional effect. Beside the aesthetically refined packaging, it is also possible to associate a design object, a tangible element that marks a particular moment in life. This is how the classic "bonbonnière", takes shape, traditionally given to guests to leave a indelible wake of happiness.

Weddings - Dolci Promesse

The final signature, the memory to be delivered as an expression of eternal happiness, the taste of love. Dolci Promesse faldacchea is the party gift for weddings par-excellence. It expresses the romantic side of an unforgettable ceremony. Dolci Promesse personalizes the faldacchea with the initials of couples that melts in the mouth leaving the unique loving aftertaste. Themed packages, matching the colors of the ceremony are prepared in harmony with the event mood. The wide range of customization options and the possibility of combining elegant objects with desserts satisfy all needs.

Small ceremonies
Small ceremonies - Dolci Promesse

%B%Dolci Promesse brings you emotions. Faldacchea desserts are packaged to amaze and can give small moments of pleasure with a sweet aftertaste. A simple and gentle gift of thankfulness for famiy and friends who shared First Communions, Baptisms, Confirmations and other small ceremonies. Customized according to celebrants’ tastes and in harmony with the event type they can be enriched with talired decorations and packages. Also the small event can be unforgettable.

Special occasions
Special occasions- Dolci Promesse

What makes a special occasion special? The flavor that is associated with it, the memory that remains, the taste that pervades it. Dolci Promesse combines the true taste for every occasion, marveling you with unique elements in shape and content that can be aligned to the style of the event. Faldacchea is the delicate compromise between aesthetics and content that will fill any occasion with sublime tones of sweetness, in stable equilibrium between form and substance.