Dolci Promesse

Made in Puglia is better

Only Apulian almonds and quality products characterize the faldacchea signed by Dolci Promesse. A story based on small essential research and experience steps, thanks to which Dolci Promesse servs in its intent to enhance the tradition through renowned sweets, exported throughout Italy.

The zero-kilometer products guarantee the quality and respect of the original Apulian recipe. Dolci Promesse has not renounced to the introduction of originality applied to production. This is how the wide variety of flavors created for the filling, ranging from the classic black cherry to more elaborate versions such as Nutella, tiramisu, liquorice and San Marzano liqueur. The raw materials are strictly found on the territory through local producers that certify ingredients genuineness.

The desire that everyone can appreciate our creations prompts also us to produce faldacchea for celiacs.