Dolci Promesse

History of a tradition

Macarons - Dolci Promesse

Colors, shapes and flavors. Dolci Promesse gives a vortex of emotions in a delicate and precious almond sweet : the faldacchea. A concentration of tastes wearing a number of hats that is produced strictly in an artisanal way. The faldacchea signed by Dolci Promesse shows the original and genuine side of Puglia, turning into the highest expression of local confectionery and granting the sin of gluttony that everyone would want to commit.

The innovative vision of Dolci Promesse products has involved the wedding sector (and not only). The freshness and elegance of the design of these sweets are trendy, that's why faldacchea Dolci Promesse is chosen by bridal couples who do not leave anything to chance. The details give timeless emotions, beautiful to live on any occasion, thanks to the ability to customize the product based on events and needs . A romantic and original way to celebrate joy, love, life.