Dolci Promesse


Here we hand-make emotions - Dolci Promesse

Here we hand-make emotions

Ideas inspired by creativity. Sweet oestrus takes place in the Dolci Promesse Lab. Faldacchea here takes shape and become a concentrate of unique and authentic tastes which will give color to the most important moment of your life.

A true factory where daily intense aromas are experienced to amaze. Faldacchea of Dolci Promesse grants authentic delicacies, made with a strictly artisanal process, as tradition demands.

The artisanal decoration is a daily challenge faced with new input to create small but unique excellent and inimitable gems. The mastery of the craftsmen of the sweet world is recognized as the ability of creating rare pieces.

Watch our creations

Strawberry Faldacchea - Dolci PromesseRum-Pear Faldacchea - Dolci PromesseMelon Faldacchea - Dolci PromesseLiquorice Faldacchea - Dolci PromesseLemon Faldacchea- Dolci PromesseSambuca Faldacchea - Dolci Promesse